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Insurance programs are tied to the entertainment industry like how actors are – no movie can ever be produced without an entertainment insurance program prior to production. The same is true for other entertainment shows like concerts and productions, special events, sporting events, film creation and festivals and trade shows. No program could or should ever get off the ground without an entertainment insurance policy in place prior to the date.

Majority of producers are keen on insuring their shows with an all-risk insurance policy, but there may be a handful who don’t; they think of insurance as another cost to production without any tangible benefit. But the fact is, entertainment productions can be risky. Think of a movie shooting with stunts, or a concert with pyrotechnic works. Even while the production crew might take every form of precaution, accidents still can and do happen. The harness on the stuntman may not have been tied to him tight enough or the push button on the pyrotechnics was pushed a little too early. If not, the weather might now allow you to hold the show.

These are all very real scenarios, although they might not happen in your own show. The point is, it always pays to protect your investment in any case, even if it may seem like an additional cost at the beginning. Premiums may vary for different types of entertainment productions but always, the benefits outweigh the cost of not having insurance. You can save on out-of-pocket costs for, among others:

o       litigation for liability

o       medical treatment of injuries

o       replacement of lost or damaged equipment

o       workers’ compensation

o       recouping losses for a cancelled show 

Apart from all-risk insurance policies for different entertainment productions, there are also special insurance programs for weather risks, venue coverage, artists’ liability, and producer’s errors and omissions.