Five Forums have been created and are maintained by the AAWC for the purposes of keeping the membership informed and current in all aspects of wound care. The Forums are presented at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care each year.

The five Forums are the Clinical Practice Forum, the Education Forum, the Public Policy Forum, the Research Forum, and the International Forum.

The Clinical Practice Forum

The mission of the Clinical Practice Forum is to provide a forum for the dissemination and exchange of current methods of the clinical practice of wound care.

The Education Forum

The Education Forum’s primary mission is to facilitate the development and the  dissemination of instructional material for members of the AAWC. The Education Forum’s operating method is to provide a forum through which members can share ideas and concerns related to education.

The Public Policy Forum 

The Public Policy Forum will support the mission of the AAWC by keeping abreast and updated about current and critical public policy issues relative to wound management. The Public Policy Forum will provide a mechanism for disseminating this information to the membership.

The Research Forum

The Research Forum’s mission is to promote, encourage, and disseminate both clinical and basic science research by and for the members of the AAWC. The Research Forum provides a forum in which the AAWC members may share ideas.

The International Forum

The mission of the International Forum is to provide an opportunity for the exchange and dissemination of current methods of clinical practice involving wound care. The International Forum shall provide interactive educational programs related to clinical wound healing at every annual meeting.